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Do you love eight directional criss cross puzzle? Are you good in searching hidden words in bunch of letters? What if you get clues by photos, will you find words faster? Moreover, imagine that you are not forced to draw straight line across all letters! Sounds good? Download for free!

 cWords  - iPad/iPhone puzzle game with hidden words and pictures

Brain-taking eight-direction iOS crossword game with letters, hundreds of hidden words and original photos. Find out what is on the picture and mark hidden word which could be placed in any direction.
Try if you SEE WORDS!

If you got stuck on some hidden word and picture did not help, you can find answers on our cWords help page.

 cWords  answers - Help page

All answers are sorted into categories in order by the picture theme. Choose your language, category and find your answer from the photos.

coming soon...

How to play cWords

You can search for hidden words on iPad or iPhone. Play cWords in your native language or learn another languages just by pictures. There are two control modes: Lazy and Strict (default).
For kids who are learning basic movements we recomend to let disabled Lazy mode which is good for iPhone, traveling, walking ...

LAZY: Find hidden word and start drawing on first letter, continue to second and then any letters you pass arround will draw a line in your direction and you get marked whole word. Swipe from side to side or drawing circle arround is enought after you set direction of drawing line.

STRICT: While Lazy control is disabled you have to start touch at first letter, continue strictly in direction of word and release touch at last letter. no wrong letters in the way are accepted in Strict mode.

There are five words and pictures per round - you can scroll down the pictures or tap on thumbnail to show fullscreen preview. Discovered word with coresponding picture will grayout and move to bottom of pictures. You will get one Crown for each hidden word, two Crowns for completed round in Strict mode or one Crown in Lazy control mode.

Three help buttons:
3x Crowns = remove 3 random letters
15x Crowns = show random letter from one of the hidden words
20x Crowns = show what is on the first picture

Actualy supported languages: English, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Polish, German. Translators / editors for current and new languages are welcomed.

More pictures and hidden words coming soon in next update of cWords.
You are not allowed to use any picture for any purpose, except not cropped and not edited ingame screenshots with game board (not the fullscreen preview).
If you need licence for picture, contact author with purpose of use.


Do you have better word for some picture or you just want to report wrong translation or typo?
Report wrong translation or join cWords team

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Licence of photos

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If you want to use our pictures in your project or product, contact us via support form and get hi-resolution photo.

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it runs on iPad,iPhone,iPod

simply better than laser point ;)

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